Tom Berkovits’s Biography

Tom Berkovits, Director Market Development, Clinical Genomics, Asia Pacific, Illumina

Tom graduated with a BSc from Monash University in 1990 and then followed with a post-graduate degree in Marketing in 2001. He started his professional experience working in Microbiology and Virology labs in both the private and public hospital systems in Australia and the UK. He worked for Applied Biosystems in the early 2000’s and then helped establish Abbott’s Molecular Diagnostics division in AsiaPacific, holding a variety of roles including Director of Marketing for APAC and then as GM for SAPAC, ANZ and Japan. Since 2015 he has worked for Illumina in a Market Development capacity, working with governments, societies and various stakeholders to drive adoption of next-generation sequencing technologies in a variety of clinical settings.

Clinical Whole Genome Sequencing, The Final Frontier

Unprecedented advances in genome sequencing technology are significantly changing scientific research, drug development, and clinical care. Just over a decade after the first human genome was sequenced, an entire human genome can now be sequenced in a few days. Coupled with a dramatic decline in sequencing cost, the technology has moved from the cutting edge of science to a transformative technology, promising to benefit virtually every area of human health. Genome sequencing offers significant advances in our understanding of disease, leading to a new era of precision medicine in which health care can be tailored to the molecular makeup of an individual. Illumina’s mission is to improve human health by unlocking the power of the genome. The introduction of cWGS is enabling this mission to become a reality, using the latest NGS technology to increase diagnostic yields, shorten time to definitive diagnoses and simplify test selection.