Partha Das’s Biography

Partha Das, Global Medical Affairs Lead, Genomics and Oncology, Roche Molecular Systems

Partha M Das, MD is currently the Global Medical Affairs Lead for Genomics and Oncology at Roche Molecular Systems. Dr. Das is a trained pathologist, an expert in Molecular Diagnostics and has authored numerous publications in JCO, Oncogene, JBC and other prominent journals. His research interests include biomarker discovery and assay development, liquid biopsy and epigenetics of cancer.

Since joining Roche in 2016 Dr. Das has lead non-registrational activities for the first FDA approved Liquid Biopsy assay – the cobas® EGFR Mutation Test v2 as well as other oncology products, design and implementation of studies, technology evaluations, global medical training and customer educational activities around the world. Prior to joining Roche, Dr. Das directed a molecular pathology lab in Washington. Over the past 15 years has held various senior research and clinical positions in the academia and private sector in both India and the USA. He received his M.D. from All India Institute of Medical Sciences (New Delhi, India) and completed postdoctoral training at MD Anderson Cancer Center (Houston, TX) under the direction of Dr. Robert Bast.