Manish Biyani’s Biography

Manish Biyani, Associate Professor, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Dr Biyani received Master of Engineering (2001) and PhD in Biological Sciences (2004) from Saitama University, Japan. In 2004, invited as Research Scientist by JST in two major national projects, CREATE and CREST, for 10 years from 2004 to 2013, where he used nanobio-device tools to develop high-speed molecular evolution reactor for screening novel and highly-functional bio-molecules and bio-drugs. In 2009, appointed as Res. Asst. Prof. in The University of Tokyo and in 2014, appointed as Res. Asso. Prof. in JAIST, Japan. In India, Dr Biyani serves as a founding director of Biyani Group of Colleges and Biyani BioSolutions Pvt. Ltd. Dr Biyani is the recipient of numerous prestigious awards, with the most representative being 2006 JB OUP award from International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and 2012 The photopolymer science and technology award from Photopolymer society Japan.

PeptaSensors Open up New Avenues For POC Diagnostics

This talk will introduce peptide aptamer-based biosensor, so-called peptasensor, for making undetectable sensing possible for routine and fast-tracking molecular diagnostics. Small peptide chains, which can arrange themselves into tridimensional functional structures, exhibit a smaller binding footprint allowing for a more thorough and precise interrogation of the target molecule. We engineered these peptide chains by an iterative process of in vitro selection procedure and applied to recognize certain biomarkers with high affinity and specificity. The applicability of these peptide aptamer to fabricate the new age of integrated electronic biosensors to detect unreachable target molecules will be addressed in this presentation.