Izumi Kubo’s Biography

Izumi Kubo, Professor, Soka University

Professor Kubo graduated from the Faculty of Science of the University of Tokyo and earned Ph D. on Bioengineering at Tokyo Institute of technology in 1986. She has been working on the sensing device based on biochemical recognition or biomimetic molecular recognition elements. In her project, a single cell isolating microfluidic system was developed and its application for the diagnostic or biological analyses has been investigated.

Rapid Detection of Pathogenic Bacteria on a Microfluidic Disc

We have developed an originally designed microfluidic disc-like device with microchannels and microchambers for single cell isolation. For the detection of genes in isolated cells on the device, hot cell-direct polymerase chain reaction (PCR) method was invented. In this study, food pathogenic bacteria such as Salmonella enterica was isolated on the disc and determined by the amplification of its specific gene based on hot cell-direct PCR using fluorescent probe. Relative fluorescence of each microchamber after/before PCR was determined to detect the bacteria. By the method, rapid and simple detection of bacterial cells was performed.