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US Pharma & Biotech Summit

The US Pharma and Biotech Summit returns to New York on May 11, 2022. Industry leaders and FT journalists will discuss regional and global trends in areas such as drug discovery, clinical development and market access. How is American investment in life sciences evolving? What are the prospects for healthcare reform? How can pharma companies become more patient-centric? Join us in-person and online to learn from experts, engage with leaders and network with peers.

Driving investment

How is the life sciences investment landscape evolving? What shifts are we seeing in M&A activity? How do investors decide where to put their money? To what extent is ESG shaping investment decisions?

Accelerating innovation

What will transform pharma the most over the next 5-10 years? What is the true potential of AI?  What role will cross-industry collaboration continue to play? How can pharma workforces become more productive and externally focused?

Enhancing access

How can pharma companies become more patient-centric? How could proposed US healthcare reforms affect the industry? How can cell and gene therapies be made more affordable and accessible?

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