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TRANS Conference 2018 亞洲最大生醫新創論壇

 關於TRANS 2018 (http://www.transhs.asia/

幾千年來,我們都在訴說星星的故事。如果把創業團隊喻為恆星,每一個故事的發展最終雖然是相異的顏色,但在創業的光譜上,卻都各個精彩絕倫。H. Spectrum 承載了創意與創新精神,不斷培育臺灣頂尖的生醫人才,並與專家、投資者們密切交流,給予創業團隊適時的指引和支持,宛如形成一個巨大的星系,讓每顆恆星都能夠自在地運行、發光,綻放出自己最美好的樣子。
TRANS 2018 生醫新創論壇,所有閃耀的新星都將匯聚於此,經由深度的交流和彼此碰撞,看見與迸發出更多的可能性。TRANS 2018 是這場星系中最極致的盛宴,誠摯地邀請您來,成為光芒之中耀眼的存在。

Stories about different glowing stars have been widely told over the past centuries. To H. Spectrum, each innovative team is a star with their own individual glowing color in the entrepreneurship spectrum.
H. Spectrum is a platform that incorporated innovative ideas and creative spirit that assist to connect the new biomedical or healthcare elite stars with expertise from various fields including law, patent, finance, and clinical design.Our ultimate goal is to help these stars to glow brighter with their own unique color.
TRANS 2018 is one of the largest innovative entrepreneurship symposiums in biomedical and healthcare field which many stars will gather.
Hopefully, new possibilities and opportunities will be created through these interactions.TRANS 2018 will be the brightest galaxy in 2018, thus, we sincerely invite you to join us at this event!

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