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12th Annual Meeting of Korean Society of Medical Oncology (KSMO 2019)

Title12th Annual Meeting of Korean Society of Medical Oncology
& 2019 International Conference (KSMO 2019)
DateNovember 7(Thu) – 8(Fri) , 2019
VenueDragon City Hotel, Seoul, Korea
Website: www.seouldragoncity.com
ThemeBuilding up Team Science for Cancer Cure!
ProgramsPresidential Symposium, Plenary Lecture, Special Lecture
Scientific Symposium, Joint Symposium, Symposium
Oral / Poster Presentation, Meet the Professor
Luncheon / Satellite Symposium, Exhibition
Opening / Closing Ceremon
HostKorean Society of Medical Oncology

Full Program


  • Deadline for Pre-registration : October 4, 2019
  • Registration Deadline for Presenter : September 20, 2019
All participants are required to register through the KSMO 2019 online registration page and advised to register in advance (by October 4, 2019) to receive the Pre-registration discount. Please read the registration guidelines below.

Invited Speaker(see full list


Presidential Symposium

  • William G. Kaelin, Jr.Dana-Farber Cancer InstituteUSA   CV

Plenary Lecture

  • Andrew TUTTThe Institute of Cancer ResearchUK   CV
  • Hans WILDIERSUniversity Hospitals LeuvenBelgium   CV
  • Heather A. WAKELEEStanford UniversityUSA   CV

Special Symposium

  • Alex A. ADJEIMayo ClinicUSA   CV
  • Jeong Ho LEEKAISTKorea   CV

Scientific Symposium

Scientific Symposium 1: Current status of precision medicine in oncology area

  • Myung-Ju AHNSamsung Medical CenterKorea   CV
  • Emmanuel S. ANTONARAKISThe Johns Hopkins UniversityUSA   CV
  • Jeeyun LEESamsung Medical CenterKorea   CV

Scientific Symposium 2: IT biotech & digital health in oncology

  • Yoon Sup CHOIDHPKorea   CV
  • Kyu-Hwan JUNGVunoKorea   CV
  • Changwon KEUM3 BillionKorea   CV
  • Seong Eui HONGTheragenKorea   CV

Scientific Symposium 3: Emerging strategies in immunotherapy

  • Aung NAINGMD Anderson Cancer CenterUSA   CV
  • Edmund K MOONHospital of the University of PennsylvaniaUSA   CV