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Cell & Gene Therapy Research & Development Congress Asia 2023

Although regenerative therapies are relatively new, more & more hospitals are incorporating cell and gene treatments to treat patients, driving up investment in this sector. World-wide 30 cell and gene therapies have been authorised for large scale production. Looking to the future, biopharmaceutical and biotech companies, and other stakeholders, including regulators and researchers will need to collaborate to develop a new pipeline of research from biological concept to medical practice.

This new conference for 2023 focuses on the advances being made in cell and gene therapies which have rapidly become an integral and vital component of modern medicine. With more than 20 presentations across two days, the Cell & Gene Therapy Research & Development Congress Asia will provide a platform for leading biopharma and biotech leaders, academicians and researchers to discuss topics on emerging advances in the field of cell and gene therapy, the regenerative potential of stem cells, application of T- cells and Cart-T in the field of immuno-oncology, novel gene-editing tools and delivery methods, vector development, regulatory approaches, ethical considerations and more.

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