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BE HealthTech VIP Night

<This is invitation only event>

Welcome to our VIP night! The event will start with 6 health tech startup pitches from our 2018 batch followed by a casual networking time. Come network in a relaxed environment and meet all the local players in health and medical tech area. Free entries and we provide drinks and food. Get yourself ready for MEDTEX with a delightful night!

RSVP here: https://goo.gl/forms/F1hxD1xOGd36JTtI2

[Startup Introduction]
1. ClearMind Biomedical https://triplebyte.com/startup/clearmind-biomedical
ClearMind is YC graduate. We’re making a medical device to treat hemorrhagic stroke. Save lives and make patients recover better.

2. PenguinSmart https://www.mypenguinsmart.com/
PenguinSmart combines certified speech therapists and machine learning to empower parents to lead speech & language rehab at home with their children.

3. TelePlus HealthCare http://www.teleplushc.com/
Teleplus is a medical information technology company that combines comprehensive telemedicine and tele-educational services with the leading treatment technology. TelePlus offers telemedical solutions in several health areas including Sleep Apnea, Congestive Heart Failure, Obesity, Chronic Care and, COPD.

4. Deep01 http://www.deep01.com/
Deep01 uses AI to make doctors more productive. Our mission is to utilize AI technology to make the world better. Currently we are focusing on deep learning + medical images.

5. Winooz http://www.winnoz.com/
Winnoz provides the best bio-sensing solutions to fight against the most life-threatening but preventable diseases. All our bio-sensing solutions are cost-effective and easy-to-use following our mission statement: “for anyone, anywhere”.

6. Taipeibio (新台北奈米生醫) http://www.taipeibio.com/
Taipeibio is specialized in collagen matrix tissue regeneration materials and molecular image inspection. We’ve accomplished extraordinary results from experimental cures of bone, alveolar and cartilage defection.

[BE Accelerator Introduction]
BE Accelerator(http://www.beaccelerator.com.tw/) is supported by BE Capital and Daren Medical Group. Main office located in Taipei Taiwan, BE Accelerator offers international startups a 4 months accelerating program.​ We focus on supporting exceptional healthcare and medical enterprises expanding into Asian markets especially Taiwan, China, and Southeastern Asia. For the past years, we have established ourselves as ​“The Gateway to Asia for HealthTech.”