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結合史丹福需求創新及柏克萊技術創新思維 柏克萊台灣btb計畫分享


【BE meetup 】


比翼加速器本次特別邀請到參加過BTB(Berkeley-Taiwan Biomedical Fellowship Program)計畫的陳兆煒醫師,陳醫師將分享他在加州柏克萊大學與史丹福大學的學習經驗,以及醫療如何與創新科技結合去產生更多的正面影響力。


Taiwanese healthcare systems deliver world-class services, we’re amazingly adept at importing and adapting medical technology but not so much in at developing new ones. We take pride in our engineering proficiencies, but many of our innovations stay in the lab. And despite Taiwan’s technical expertise, we have struggled to move higher up in the value chain. How do we turn the needs at hand into values and promote our innovations and expertise in the market?

BE Accelerator is honored to invite an alumni of BTB (Berkeley-Taiwan Biomedical Fellowship Program), Dr. Jowy Tani, to share his experiences at UC Berkeley and Stanford as well as to provide his insights on combining medicine and emerging technology.

We welcome all participants to join in our discussion
(This free event will be conducted in Chinese)

11/06 Tue. 19:00 Reception

Taipei Tech Arena
4F, 2, Sec. 4, Nanjing E. Rd., Songshan District, Taipei City

陳兆煒 醫師

Jowy Tani M.D.

Thanks to the Berkeley-Taiwan Biomedical (BTB) Fellowship Program, Dr. Jowy Tani was able to work with the teams from UC Berkeley, UCSF, and Stanford University to develop innovative medical devices. During his time in Silicon Valley, he has participated in NSF I-Corps and UC Berkeley’s Skydeck accelerator program and worked on projects relating to: robotics, AI, and medical informatics. He is currently working on a medical device on dementia in Department of Neurology, Wan Fang Hospital, Taipei Medical University.

19:00~19:20 Reception
19:30~19:40 Opening
19:40~20:30 Sharing: Jowy Tani M.D.
20:30~21:00 Mixer & Networking

BE Accelerator

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